Life Insurance

We bring you options in providing life insurance to you and your team.  From group life for the whole team to individual term and whole life products, we can match the product to the need.  We are experts in Key Person and Business Continuation policies to protect you and your business from the catastrophic loss of key individuals.

Group life insurance is an integral part of many employee benefits packages and is often very affordable for the employer. Employees appreciate the value of life coverage and the security it offers their families.  The premium paid for Group Life Insurance is generally a business deduction, and stand-alone contracts are frequently less expensive than the life coverage provided with medical / health insurance.

There are many ways to make life insurance available to your employees at group rates and increase the value to your team members. Optional plan designs may include Voluntary Life insurance, Supplemental Life coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies, and Dependent Life insurance.

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