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3to99 is proud to partner with CPS Leadership to better support the development of your team.  CPS Leadership is one of the region’s most experienced and successful providers of leadership development, team development, business coaching, and strategic planning services.

Business and Team Development Solutions:  Your business is built on a great idea and lots of hard work on your part. Making it a great business for the long haul takes a high performing team and excellent business systems. Our approach to helping you build both is based on 25 plus years of business coaching and leadership development experience with more than 300 small business clients.

  • Business Coaching:  Every top professional has a coach.  It’s a truism in every part of life, but so often small business leaders either don’t recognize the need or don’t believe they can afford a coach.  Building on more than 25 years of successful business coaching we offer our clients the very best in business coaching at prices that match the business we are serving.  We combine personalized coaching for the business executives with facilitated peer groups designed to give every client the broadest access to ideas and solutions for their business.
  • Leadership Development: Our core belief is that leadership is developed and that even the very best of leaders can get better.  We work with clients to develop a leadership culture that matches the business at every level from the executive suite to the supervisor level.  Our systems and coaching experience bring tools to train and mentor leaders at every level.  Our commitment to your success is matched with systems to hold you and the team accountable as you grow in leadership.
  • Team Development and Employee Engagement:  Building a great team is not just about leadership.  Getting the right people matters, keeping the right people matters even more.  Especially in small and medium sized businesses who are competing for top talent with larger businesses.  We bring you team development and employee engagement strategies that help you build your systems for recruiting, developing, and retaining top performing teams.
  • DISC Behavior and Communications Style Assessment:  We partner with Primary Horizontal one of the world’s leading providers of the DISC behaviors and motivators assessment.  The DISC tool is one of the most popular and powerful assessments available to help leaders and teams understand themselves and each other.  It has been used in thousands of businesses and teams around the globe.  Not all DISC assessments are equal, though, and not all providers are the same.  We are proud to be working with TTI and confident you will find huge value in working with our team to provide DISC assessments for your team.

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